ORIC Sticky Belt Directly 1.8m Textile Printer

Description Sticky Belt Directly Textile Printer
ORIC Sticky Belt Directly 1.8m Textile Printer Widespread applications.
High speed data processing and transmission.
Professional channel control technology.
Equipped with advanced laser testing institutions.


Model ORIC Directly Textile Printer
Printing Technology Piezoelectric Inkjet
Print Head Dual DX5 Print Heads Four DX5 Print Heads
Acceptable Media Width: 71.6in.(1820mm)
Thickness: Maximum 39mil(1mm)
Weight: 110lb.(50kg)
Printing Width 70.8in.(1800mm)
Ink Cartridges Type:  Reactive, Acid, Pigment Ink
Capacity: 4*4 CISS(220ml Ink Cartridge With 1.5L Ink Tank),6*6 CISS(6color),8*8CISS(8color) Optional
Color: 4colors(C,M,Y,BK),6colors,8colors
Printing Resolution Maximum 1440dpi
Printing Speed 4Pass(720*720dpi):343sqft(32sqm/h) 4Pass(720*720dpi):688sqft(64sqm/h)
6pass(720*1080dpi):236sqft(22sqm/h) 6pass(720*1080dpi):473sqft(44sqm/h)
8pass(720*1440dpi):172sqft(16sqm/h) 8pass(720*1440dpi):344sqft(32sqm/h)
Media Heating System Intergrated Post Printer Heater & Fabric Heater
Interface USB 2.0
Power Supply AC 220v+-10%, 50/60HZ
Dimensions(With Stand) 125.6(W)X75.6(D)X59(H)in.
Weight(With Stand) 2557lb.(1160kg)
Package Dimensions 133(W)x83.5(D)x68.9(H)in.
Package Weight 3307lb. (1500kg)
Environment Power On Temperature:59℉ to 90℉(15℃ To 32℃)
Humidity:35 to 80%
Power Off Temperature:41℉ To 104℉(5℃ To 40℃)
Humidity:20 To 80%
Accessories USB Cable, Media Clamp, Manual, Drain Bottle, Ink Cartridges, Rip Software, Etc.


Products Features:

User Friendly Functions
1.Automatic or manual setting for printing origin is optional.
2.Feeding calibration is available during printing.
3.Optional controlling printer from computer or printer panel.
4.Automatic continuous cleaning ink tubes.

Ink Saving Function
1.Double or Four head cleaning optional.
2.Weak, medium and strong cleaning mode optional.

Print Head Lifespan Prolonged
1.Color channels are freely changed to prolong print head lifespan.
2.Weak, medium and strong cleaning mode optional.


Flags, banners, trade show displays, tents, awnings, canopies, pennants, museum murals and more.