With ORIC printers, this, that and others in your daily life can be printed, such as glass plates and bottles, plastic products, stationaries, fabric of cotton, polyester, and more... 
By additional bit of idea, you can get boundless creativity! Originality will boost up your print business activities. 
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Printing for sportswear

Sublimation ink is used to print on polyester and polyamide (lycra, nylon) fabrics. Which widely used for sportswear and outerwear along with mixed synthetic fabrics with a minimum 60% synthetic fibers. Sublimation printer is ideal for sportswear because the ink does not sit on top of the fabric. The dye particles are in the fabric, yielding a softer durable sportswear image. 


Fashion industry printing

RIC high speed industrial capacity printers available upto 3.2m width with 4 print heads, which reduced the cost of digital printing to the level of traditional printing methods. Now clients can reap the benefit of a faster turn- around without the high cost. With the new high speed printers, adjustments in productions can be made quickly and without additional cost.



Stickers are an interesting item. Stickers are the ideal medium for fashion, art, media and retail promotion, allowing you to freely embody your brand, stick it on a product or package, or give it to a customer as a promotional gift. You can also attach them to your skateboard, Mobile, computer,bike or car window. No matter what you use to do, the Oric printer can meet your needs.



Oric Printer provides a variety of solutions for apparel fabric printing.Whether you are looking for a small device or you plan to run custom clothing store, we can provide you with solutions.From polyester, Lycra, blended fabrics,sublimation printing can give you a satisfactory finished product with good printing effect .From the beautiful dress, personalized clothing, vibrant sportswear, no matter what your ideas are, Oric printers can meet your decorative needs.



T-shirts are more than just a piece of clothing. They can also be your favorite artwork. A T-shirt is a personal thing, but you can print your t-shirts to show your personality through the graphics on your shirt, like the love of a sports team, the passion for rock bands, the Cult of idols and so on.Whether it is t-shirt or sport wear,with the continuous improvement of the Oric printer in printing technology, you can create high quality ultimate printing technology for T-shirt.



Speaking of glass printing, Oric UV flatbed printer is the ideal machine. From glass frames to glass trophies, to glass jewelry and decoration items, add company brand, add graphics to glass display, windows, doors and other decorative applications for exhibitions, hotels, restaurants and home applications for on-demand customized solutions.Oric printers can create thousands of personalized possibilities for you.



As the leading wide-format inkjet printer in China, Oric offers a high level of quality and versatility. Oric can give you more possibilities in the field of outdoor printing. Like the opening of new stores, promotional activities, outdoor advertising, major commercial activities, sporting events, exhibition graphics and so on. Use Oric printer, you can easily transfer, for you to create vibrant and bright colors of the banner, banners and other products. Make you stand out in the many malls.

home interior


When you go through a busy day of work, of course you want to have a comfortable place to rest-home. Oric printer provides heat transfer printing for home decoration. Whether it's a simple image or brilliant design, it can be transferred to a wide range of fabrics.Pillows, curtains, wall decorations and all home decoration designs can come from your inspiration. Cloth household furniture, floor tiles, wall tiles, counter surface and rear baffle can be separately designed and produced by sublimation printing.